ब्यवस्थापन समुह

ब्यवस्थापन समुह

Union Life Insurance Company Limited is run by insurance professionals having sound experience and exposure in insurance sector knowledge in Nepal as well as in international markets. The management team of the company comprises of the following senior staff members:

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Phone: 01-4794758

Email: "info" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

The management of the company is lead by Mr. Manoj Kumar Lal Karn. He completed MBA. He is the highly professional insurance expert having insurance experience of 24 years of both Life Insurance and Non-Life insurance company. Mr. Karn is innovative person in insurance sector. He has undergone various national & international trainings related to insurance.



Phone: 01-4794758

Email: "info" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

Mr. Kapil Kumar Dahal is a commerce graduate and Chartered Accountant. Mr. Dahal completed his Chartered Accountancy in the year 2009 from ICAI, Chennai, India. Mr. Dahal is self-starter, dedicated and result oriented person with broad experience of all accounting, financial management, auditing & insurance sector. He is having more than 13 years of experience of both Life Insurance and Non-Life insurance company. He has undergone various trainings related to insurance, taxation, Information Management system, business management, AML, IFRS, and NFRS etc.

Madhav Prasad Sharma


Phone: 01-4794758

Email: "info" "@" "unionlife.com.np"


Head - Underwriting Department

Phone: 01-4794758

Email: "ram.shrestha" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

Mr. Ram Shrestha is the Sr. Manager, head of underwriting department. He holds a master degree in management. He is also an advocate, member of Nepal Bar Association. He has got 9 years' experience in life insurance industry and 5 years in auditing sector. He has attained various training and seminar regarding underwriting, actuarial, leadership management program within nation and abroad.


Company Secretary/ Head - Claim Department

Phone: 01-4794758

Email: "ishwar" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

Mr. Ishwar Kumar Sedai is Company Secretary and head of claim department. Previously, he worked as legal officer, claim head and company secretary in Life Insurance Industry. Also, for 2 years he worked as compliance officer at Anti Money Laundering in same sector. He is also an advocate, member of Nepal Bar Association from 2058.


Head - IT Department

Phone: 01-4794758

Email: "rabin.shrestha" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

Mr. Rabin Shrestha has completed his Master's degree in Information Technology. He has started his insurance career with National Life Insurance Company Limited. He has more than 9 years of experience in Life Insurance IT sector. Before this, he has 5 years of experience in other organizations with various IT projects.


Head - Agency Department

Phone: 01-4794758

Email: "ritendra.lal" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

He has completed M.B.A. (Finance) form I.M.T. CDL (Vidyanagar University) and he is the Head of Agency Department. He has more than 8 Year work experience in Investment and Insurance sector. Prior to join UNLIC he was working with S.B.I. Group.


Head - Finance Department

Phone: 01-4794758

Email: "dilli.dulal" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

Prakash Neupane

Head - HR/Admin Department

Phone: 01-4794758

Email: "prakash.neupane" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

Mr. Neupane has got 3 years' experience in life insurance industry including 10 years in different sectors where he played a major role as the Head of HR/ Admin Department. He has gained good experiential knowledge in Nepal’s industrial sector along with knowledge on prevailing Nepalese laws like; Labor Act-2074, Social Security Fund (SSF) -2075 & other similar laws related to HR sector in Nepal. Mr. Neupane has completed his Master’s Degree with 1st Division in 2009 from Tribhuvan University. He has graduated from Japan along with 2 years’ work experience in Tokyo, Japan (2010 to 2012). He has been invited by Goenka Group as Motivational Speaker in 2018; furthermore, he has attained various training and seminar related to Human Resource and Strategic Leadership Framework. Mr. Neupane is recognized and appreciated to be mature, innovative, self-motivated and pro-active in nature.

Geeta Shrestha

Head - Corporate Marketing

Phone: 01-4794758

Email: "geeta.shrestha" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

Hark Bahadur Budhathoki

Head - Training Department

Phone: 01-4794758

Email: "harka.budhathoki" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

Bhuparaj Parajuli

Province Head - Province 1

Phone: 025-588910

Email: "bhuparaj.parajuli" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

Hari Prasad Dhungana

Province Head - Province 3

Phone: 01-5705208

Email: "hari.dhungana" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

Tulk Nath Acharya

Province Head - Province 4

Phone: 061-551121

Email: "tulk.acharya" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

Buddha Bahadur Suryabanshi

Province Head - Province 5

Phone: 071-540678

Email: "buddha.suryabanshi" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

Bhoj Kumar Kunwar

Province Head - Province 6

Phone: 081-527875

Email: "bhoj.kunwar" "@" "unionlife.com.np"

Chandra Bahadur Bohara

Province Head - Province 7

Phone: 091-527222

Email: "chandra.bohara" "@" "unionlife.com.np"